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About Us

Wind River Native Advocacy Center serves as a unified voice for the Native American people and their communities in Wyoming.

Talking with community members helps us prioritize our activities and focus our resources on those matters which are of most concern to those we serve.


Our Mission

To empower Native Americans in Wyoming for a stronger voice through community organizing, education, research, legal advocacy and leadership development.

Our Vision


The Native American community is engaged in self-determination for education, health, economic development and equality for the Wind River Reservation.

Our Goals

  • A positive working relationship between the Wind River Reservation and the State of Wyoming and among other entities that affect the health and welfare of Native Americans in Wyoming.
  • Respect and acceptance of the rights for tribal sovereignty with nation status.
  • Effective implementation of federal trust responsibility.
  • Adequate resources that will increase sustainability.
  • Decreased disparities in health, education and income for Native Americans in Wyoming, and
  • Racial equality and cultural understanding throughout Wyoming.

Red Desert Preservation:

Shaping Policies that Affect Us


Community Involvement


News & Events

Executive Director, Skyler Dixie goes to Washington D.C.

May 14, 2019

Skyler went to Washington DC to advocate for the Northern Red Desert and met with Liz Cheney, Mike Enzi, and Barrasso. The goal was to help them  change their minds  by educating them about the culture and history ties Native Americans have to the Red Desert.

WRNAC Receives Award....​

Sept. 21 | by Name   




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