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Become a Member

What it Means to Be A Member


The WRNAC was formed by----------------------- in------------------------- to address------------------------ and obtained 501c3 nonprofti status in .....

Become a member of the Wind River Native Advocacy Center and become part of a structuring for a stronger voice for the Wind River Indian Reservation. We will help educate you on your way to be that voice for not only yourself but for the community and Native people.  



Benefits of a Strong and Active Membership

  • We empower the tribes and Native Americans in Wyoming for an effective voice for their interests and enforcement of their rights in relationship to the State of Wyoming and other entities;

  • we have increased control over resources for the benefit of the tribes and Native Americans;

  • Wind River Native Advocacy Center can receive its share of funding from the State of Wyoming and other sources;

  • we have increased ability to apply for grants and establish self-supporting enterprises and

  • we have increased potential for economic sustainability and accountability.


“When the whole world
is silent,

even one voice
becomes powerful”

                                                                                                           -Malala Yousafzai

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